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Top 10 Things to do in Portland Jamaica Over the Holidays

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Portie Porland Portland is where Jamaicans from the nearby capital Kingston choose to retreat at weekends and visit the beach. Unlike the West of the Island the beaches are mostly public allowing those who wish to explore whilst taking time out inland to catch the real Jamaica, its villages, its wildlife whilst hiking up to its lush cloud forests. Its close proximity to Kingston also means that for those living in Port Antonio, Boston and its scattered villages can likewise make a trip to the capital.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s Top 10  Things to do in Portland
  1. Hike to McKenzie Falls in combination with the gentle rafting on the Rio Grande and enjoy a rustic picnic on the riverside
  2. Follow the river up to Reach Falls guided by a member of the community
  3. Eat like a local  with an amazing lunch at the little beachside eatery, C-View looking out over the never ending Long Bay on the way back from Reach Falls
  4. Feel like a film star on Frenchman’s Cove Beach, a mix of freshwater streams and Jamaica’s best most photogenic cove
  5. Take the time to visit Winnifred Beach, despite the bad road down to the beach it’s famous for being Jamaica’s best public beach with some great eateries
  6. Blow any lingering cobwebs away with a boat ride along the coast with a local fisherman from Winnifred Beach and around Pelew Island for snorkelling and then onto
  7. Relish the intensity of colours at the Blue Lagoon (currently only accessible by boat, we recommend Boat 9 ), a bottomless fresh meets sea water oasis
  8. Tour a private Blue Mountain Coffee Estate to see where the world’s most expensive coffee is growm the World’s most expensive Coffee
  9. Relive Kingston’s musical highlights with a Pressing Tunes tour and a tour of the National Art Gallery
  10. Ramble along the coast from the community of Robins Bay to its lovely secluded beach

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